Thursday, April 03, 2008

Christ. Community. Music.

I just received my last issue of CCM Magazine, and it is the LAST printed issue ever. It's going exclusively online.

A few months back, CCM Magazine changed their name/tagline from "Contemporary Christian Music Magazine" to "Christ. Community. Music. Magazine" Good change I thought because CCM doesn't mean the same today as it did two to three decades ago. Christian music has evolved and "CCM" did become quite outdated.

I'm sad. I've subscribed to the magazine for nine years and I will miss it.

While I am an online junkie, I do enjoy reading through a printed magazine; at night before bed, on lunch break at work, in the dentist's waiting room, etc. It's just nice to have a magazine lying around the house for a quick pick up read.

Supposedly the remaining issues on my subscription will rollover to for music downloads, which will suffice, but I'm still sad.

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