Sunday, April 13, 2008

Is There Something To This?

A week or so ago Katie heard a message at a church she visited. She promptly advised me to listen to the podcast because she said it was for me.

Today another friend of mine said that during a message at her church tonight that I was brought to mind. She said it is a good message for me so she brought home a copy of that message on CD so that I might listen to it.

Both messages dealt with unforgiveness and bitterness that can result.

Is there something to this?

Is God using my friends to tell me something?

I don't feel like I have unforgiveness and bitterness...but is it all just hidden and/or unconfessed sin? Are my friends seeing this in me when I can't? Could this be what is hindering my relationship with God?

Why am I up at 1:00 AM?

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