Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Experiencing God

As a single person, I unfortunately, find it a lot easier to go out for breakfast than prepare my own at home. Ok, I should restate that and say as a lazy single person.

There are some disadvantages to this...spending the money and also it's most likely not the healthiest food choice, however, there are great advantages.

Some minor advantages are things like; I'm not doing any of the work of preparation or clean-up, and there is a bottomless cup of coffee. I looooove that part...too much...but, I digress.

The greatest advantage of my time spent at various eateries, are the relationships that develop over time with the servers. I genuinely try to get to know the servers that wait on me by name and chat with them when I can. I've spent years trying to share things of God with some people and today I experienced God breaking through, albeit in a small way...for now.

Today at a familar eatery, my server inquired about me and at one point asked if I have ever been married. Weird question, usually I'm asked "are you married", not "have you ever been", but anyway I told her no.

She went on to confess "I think I married the wrong person".

What was I supposed to say to that?

I must have looked somewhat stunned and there was an awkward moment there for sure. She continued on about how her blended family doesn't live like a family because everyone is doing their own thing and no one cares for each other at all. She's afraid to leave because she fears she won't be able to make it on her own. There's a bit more to the story, but I don't feel at liberty to discuss it here.

I wasn't exactly sure what to say, but I figured it was God opening some doors of communication, so I tried to share some encouragement and told her that I will pray for her and her situation. That's all I knew to do, and I have prayed for her, and will continue to lift her up.

God is so merciful and faithful, that even though I am having difficulty trusting Him, He still chooses to use me in His plan. This looks like a wonderful opportunity for me to start sharing about God. Me, experiencing God.

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