Sunday, July 09, 2006

SaLT with WaLT Fellowship

Melissa During the Egg Relay
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My SaLT group had yet another fellowship gathering last night. This time we gathered together with the Sikes SaLT and had an absolute blast! We had a great meal and then it was time for "Karen Games".

Karen, a beloved member of SaLT with WaLT, who also happens to be Walt's wife, keeps the parties we have very lively with her brand of games. She organizes us all together and pulls us out of our comfort zones, (or at least those of us who choose to participate) for some sometimes very unusual activities. Melissa is pictured here intently balancing an egg on a spoon during a relay race. I call that the Michael Jordan look, with the whole tongue sticking out thing going on!

I think one of the most fun things were the water balloons! The kids, and just about everyone else, had a blast nailing Keith with the balloons and he was a great sport about it too. Good time!

One of the unusual games was the Spoon Relay Game. In this race, a large cooking spoon is passed through the top of the participants shirt, down through their pants and out the bottom of the leg. Charles said "this looks crude", and it does...but it sure is funny! You can watch a video HERE and see for yourself!

I just love my church family!

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