Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Needs a Caption!

When I was home in Ohio on vacation, I rummaged through some pictures in the desk drawer and photo albums. This was one of the precious pictures that I happened upon, and it deserves a caption!

I found some old pics of my parents and grandparents and just had to scan some. I emailed them to myself and have been doctoring some of them with the picture programs available to me, in order to restore some of the original quality of the picture. It's amazing what being able to simply add some color and sharpen a picture can do to give it new life.

I even found some old band pictures of myself and the most notable thing is how blonde my hair once was, outside of the fact it was over twenty years ago! That was back in the day I spent a LOT more time outdoors!

Anyway, this is my sister and her daughter sharing some quality time together, and I think it deserves a special caption. Leave your ideas in the comment section. Posted by Picasa

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