Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I Don't Love It, I HATE It!

Help me Lord to not be eager for money.
1 Timothy 6:10
"For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs."
It's been an expensive year thus far, and these are my "griefs":
  • $2200 sewer main replaced
  • $1000 dental bills AFTER insurance
  • $1500 car repairs (and they are both in the shop again this week!)
  • $150 plumbing leak/shower install
  • $75 lawn mower repair on BRAND NEW $380 lawn mower
  • $900 refrigerator replacement
  • $300 digital camera replacement (yes, that is a want, but the enjoyment I get from it offsets the other financial issues!)
$6125 in unplanned expenses for 2006. I'm ready for next year NOW!

All of those are incurred expenses. What I still need to deal with are:
  • The tailight assembly on my car that is being replaced tomorrow.
  • The A/C in the other car that has NO FAN at air moving AT ALL! Anyone notice the heatwave going on these days?
  • The mysterious holes in the roof of my house, which by some miracle, are not leaking at this point. How light can pass through and water doesn't I just don't know. It bloggles the mind!
  • The shaping of the landscape of my yard to help with drain-off by a landscaper who knows what they are doing, as well as finishing putting gutters on the house. This is all in an effort to keep the problem I had with my sewer main from repeating itself.
  • My carpets and upholstery are being cleaned tomorrow because my dog decided that he didn't like when I left him here on my trip to Ohio, and is now rebelling. He has decided that he doesn't really need to go outside to do his OUTSIDE BUSINESS! Ugh! I have to re-housetrain my 16 year old dog! No, he is not incontinent because he is being very secretive about making his "deposits", if he were having medical issues, I'd be able to catch him in the act. Besides that, he is still asking to go outside throughout the day.
  • The tree (branch) that fell and demolished the yard swing. I need to get help cutting the thing up and removing it. I don't have chain saws and tools like that!
So, I've decided to start selling off my CDs and some books on Ebay. I'm not really looking to make mega $$, but even a little extra $$ could help with a treat now and then. I'd be happy with having $$ for a good cup of coffee. And, selling on Ebay is kind of fun, so, it's a nice change of pace. Even if I do sell Alien Fashion Show for .01 cent, it is still money coming IN and NOT going OUT!

Regardless, I praise God that I am fortunate to have small holes in my roof, car troubles, trees falling on swings, no A/C while I live in the peaceful land of the USA. I could have a hole in my roof because of a bomb.

Isreal Flat (Photo:Reuters)

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