Sunday, October 06, 2002


Bitterness is eating me alive. I dwell. I dwell on the wrongs people do to each other. I dwell on the wrongs a man does to his wife. I dwell on the wrongs Christians do to other Christians in the name of God. I wish I could let it go. I can't let it go. Forgiveness. It is so hard to give forgiveness to those who I don't think deserve it. I don't deserve it from God, but He gives it freely. I'm like Jonah...)by the way...go see the Veggietales Version of Jonah...go NOW! IT IS SO GOOD AND DON'T LEAVE UNTIL ALL THE CREDITS HAVE COMPLETED! Sorry, I digress. I just can't help it. I'm in love with Larry.) It is so hard to forgive. I really want this bitterness gone. I really hate it. Please pray for me!


  1. Do you remember what inspired this? How do you look at it now?

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  3. Central Baptist Church and Ricky.

    I'm free!