Sunday, September 29, 2002

Endings and New Beginnings "Hail Satan"

Today was the last day of SaLT with WaLT ...and Tom. The two Christian men that lead our SaLT group will no longer lead this one as our church moves into a new realm called Northbrook University. We are blessed to have so many wonderful teachers in our church and God is having us utilize them and learn to love Him with our mind. Though SaLT groups will continue in a new way, our church family will meet more often for more in depth bible study. I'm very excited about the changes, but I am sad to see SaLT with WaLT end. It was a good two years and God has blessed me with awesome brothers and sisters in the faith.

Interesting story to share. I am addicted to Inklink. It's an online version of Pictionary and I found it on It is a lot of fun if you can find a good "room". In one room this past week one of the players kept typing "Hail Satan" "Hail Satan". Another player whispered to me "boot the satanist". (To "boot" means that if the player is abusive you can kick them out. There has to be consensus within the room for a player to be "booted") I ignored the whisper and continued to play. So the guy kept saying "Hail Satan", disturbing, but not abusive. The other player whispered again to me "any Christian would boot the satanist". First of all, the other player was assuming I was Christian so I don't get that and second, as I whispered back to the player, "A Christian would love the satanist and witness to him". That player typed back to me "F_ _ _ YOU!" and left the room. If he hadn't left, I would have booted him!

That's all for now.

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