Thursday, September 19, 2002

Defleshed Fetus

So I was signing and reading Slambook posts and came across a post by a very angry young man under the name DefleshedFetus. Anyway, he slamming God and anything non-white. What I found particularly interesting were his comments to the question if he was saved, "first of all there is no christ...second i dont need some false human idea to get me through life...i am strong enough and have the courage to do it on my own" Talk about "false human ideas"!!!!!! This cracks me up. Here's another one I found that he wrote "open your eyes and realize that you do not need an idea created by primitave humans to get you through strong, be free, you can do it all on your own." I find it interesting that he calls humans "primitive" and in the same sentence he says we can "do it all on our own". What's wrong with that picture? Can anyone say contradiction? Which is it guy? Are we primitive? (Which to me means that we do not have a great capacity to do much on our own) Or, can we do it on our own? I say we are 'primitive", he got that part right, but I know that doing it on my own didn't get me anywhere. I can also see that it is getting him nowhere. He hates non-whites and come on with a name like "DefleshedFetus"? Does this sound non-violent? He blames Christianity for much of the death and destruction in the world. (Which unfortunately some Christians do take things to the extreme, it happens only when they leave the foundational principles of the faith, in Jesus Christ) He condemns the holocaust, yet calls himself a white-supremist! THIS MAKES NO SENSE TO ME!!!!!!!! He thinks he is "free"...HA! I pray that he will see the bondage he is in and cry out for God one day, to save him from eternal death.

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