Monday, September 09, 2002

Another Blessing

Author: Katie

I just read Sue's post from yesterday and got yet another blessing from what I was already blessed to partake of. I can't wait until I get my testimony up and running. I'm having writer's block. I have a problem with that. But, I also have an awesome English teacher and speech teacher who are working with me to help me overcome! I can't wait to share with the "Interworld" the blessings that God has literally showered me with.........I should say showers me with because it's an ongoing thing. It's everpresent every day. He is everpresent. The weird thing is.......I see Him at work all around me all the time. I am blessed to the point that my cup runneth over. I have such a fire burning in my heart for Jesus. I have a starving hunger and a parching thirst for His words to continuously (is that a real word? It looks weird.) fill my cup. Yet, when I pray.......I feel like it isn't going anywhere. I know He's there. I know He is listening. But, I just can't feel the presence. I'm having prayer's block. I don't think my English teacher can help me with that one. Maybe it's something that isn't right in my life. I will just keep praying and searching myself until I have a breakthrough!!!! Okay I have blogged long enough for now. It's time to head to class........algebra!!!!!!! That's enough to make anybody pray!!!! It's my last semester of math! That is a BIG blessing! It's truly something to praise God about! Remember to praise Him today. Even if it is the worst day of your won't require a big effort to think about some way that God has blessed your life and you know, if you praise Him in your is a sacrifice of praise and those praises are extremely special to God! So, offer a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving to Him today! Maybe it will cause your whole day to turn around! God Bless You!

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