Friday, March 28, 2008

Kayaking: Lesson I - Rack 'Em Up

There sits a boat, a kayak to be precise. It is best used on water, but before one can get it to water, it is of utmost importance to strap it to a land vehicle for transport to the water.

It just so happens I have a nice rack. LOL That was fun to say. LOL

Actually, my jeep has a nice rack.

Anyway, my friend is big into kayaking and today she was moving her kayaks to her new apartment. Her car is unavailable, but since my jeep has a rack, she said we'd be able to tie the kayaks down to that and transport them. Right now she is suffering from a debilitating injury that makes it impossible for her to lift anything so she directed her friend Kathy and I as to how to load them up and how to tie them down.

It was a new experience for me for sure, but we did it. We got those kayaks loaded up and strapped to the Jeep. I thought my aunt would be proud that the Jeep she left me was being used in a "sporty" way. She was a lover of the outdoors and so I snapped a picture of Jeepers with the kayaks strapped to him. We transported them without incident, well, almost. We had a slight difficulty with the dismount, but nothing we couldn't handle. All is well.

I think I passed the Kayaking: Lesson I.

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