Saturday, March 15, 2008

Simple Things

Sometimes it is so easy to forget that each and every day small occurrences happen around us that should bless our hearts. These are things that become lost in the activities of life, yet when I take time to notice them, I realize that it is these things that put smiles on my face and joy in my heart.

Here are some examples of things that I take pleasure in and some things that I consider to be blessings in my life.

First of all, I just have to say I really appreciate denim. I love how soft my jeans are and how rugged they can look at the same time. I love blue jeans! Denim rocks!

Something happened yesterday that is really sticking out in my mind, but it is such a small thing, I'm quite sure the other person involved never realized how big a deal it was to me. I have a friend who is suffering through a physical injury right now that makes it difficult to even move around, to the point that even sitting or lying down causes great pain, let alone standing and walking about. I was spending some time with her last night when she received a phone call. I looked around for the newspaper that I had yet to read for the day so she could carry on a conversation and not be concerned about me being occupied with something while she talked with her brother. The newspaper was not to be found and she noticed that so she strained to get up, fished through a pile of mail and magazines, located the recent US NEWS and WORLD REPORT that she knew I'd enjoy and handed it to me. I accepted it and she returned to her bed to rest, and continued her phone conversation. It was a seemingly small gesture, but it touched my heart in a huge way because I know what she goes through just to be able to move. I had NO IDEA she was trying to get up to serve me, but that is exactly what she did. I was so blessed by that.

I look forward to reading the morning paper over breakfast while drinking fresh hot coffee. It doesn't need to be Starbucks, in fact, I'm glad it isn't, just hot. After I add the cream and sugar it doesn't really resemble coffee anymore anyway, it just needs to be hot. It is such a simple pleasure and really just starts my day out right! It is quite possible that my enjoyment of this particular daily activity goes back to my growing up and the paper being there on the table while I ate breakfast. Gram was usually there with me, having already read the paper and by this time was working the crossword and mom was most likely milling about the kitchen serving me and my dad who has come out to join us at the table. Those were good times. I'm so sentimental!

The other night I had fallen asleep on my futon while doing my Bible study. Pen still in hand and everything. Katie came in, noticed this and awakened me by gently scratching my back, and removed the pen from my hand, the book from under my head and snickered slightly while doing so. That was a neat moment between friends and one of those small things that I can ponder in my heart, yet most likely Katie doesn't even remember it.

Tiffany has no idea how special it is for me when she calls to ask me permission to do something. I am the default when her mom isn't available, and it means so much to me. Last weekend she spent the day and night with a friend of hers and she had asked me permission. After quizzing her about this friend I said okay and added "no meth, no boys!" LOL Being a "not-the-mom" can really be a blessing.

Now I have the added blessing of having to leave for work. I have a job I enjoy, great people to work with, and it's time to go! Later!

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