Saturday, March 08, 2008

They Said It Was Coming

Yes, it finally snowed.

The "doomsday" predictions of a "major" snow storm to hit Jackson, TN actually hit. I was beginning to wonder because by mid afternoon there was still no precipitation, but then it started and kept on snowing. This is what I woke up to this morning. Pretty.

White knuckle driving, yeah, gotta love it. NOT! I was reminded again that I do not miss snow. Roads were okay this morning, but last night was fairly treacherous in places.

I do laugh at how people in the South freak out about snow. Everybody rushes to the grocery store to hoard the necessities like bread and milk, lines at the gas station are longer and people are all abuzz about what's coming. High school games are cancelled and other community events as well. It's rather comical to me, having come from Cleveland, OH and spent some time in Northern Michigan, and Iowa as well. It takes a lot for cancellations to start happening in the north and people are always expected to show up for work.

People down here will not go to work for fear of crashing or something. Heck, I lived an hour away from jobs in those other states on a good day, and I never missed work due to weather. Not ever! You just need to drive slower and be careful is all. I think here people just use snow as an excuse not to work.

No, I do not miss snow. I do not miss having to get up early in order to shovel the driveway. I do not miss having to scrape ice off the car and clean it off everyday and wait 10-15 minutes for the car to warm up everytime I want to go somewhere. I do not miss driving in "white outs", nor do I miss "black ice" patches. I do not miss fearing for my life each time there is an oncoming snow plow truck barreling down the road, firing ice and snow missles toward me. I don't miss needing to watch every step I take in the parking lot so as to not slip, or twist my ankle on ice ruts. I do not miss needing to wash my car to get all the salt off so I don't end up with a giant pile of rust in my garage.

Clocks spring forward tonight! A sign of Spring! Yes! My favorite season will soon arrive!

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