Thursday, March 06, 2008

Grape Crush

I went shopping the other day for some items and noticed something on the shelf that I haven't noticed in years. Grape Crush.

I saw Grape Crush just sitting there and so I bought it.

I no longer drink a lot of pop, coke, soda or whatever one calls it, but when I saw Grape Crush I started to reminisce about my childhood and my visits to Grandma and Grandpa's.

Popping off the top and taking that first sip after a couple of decades, immediately transported me back to Grandma's kitchen on Louisiana Ave. in Canton, OH. I would raid the fridge over in the corner that was usually stocked with Crush. It was most often Orange Crush that was in there, but the Grape Crush was a special treat for me!

The Grape Crush started me thinking about some of the things that trigger memories for me. In my room I have a special lamp. It is from my grandparent's house and used to sit on a very heavy marble top end table in the front window, and I have that same table in my front window now. The lamp is beautiful and one of those things I never really noticed until I was older and could appreciate it. Grandpa's recliner used to sit next to that window and I remember watching him nap there quite often, especially after filling Thanksgiving meals. Grandpa used to tease me about all the mashed potatoes I could put away; he'd tell me that it was gonna put hair on my chest. I can still put away smashed tators, but never grew hair on my chest...THANK GOODNESS! LOL

Someday soon I hope to retrieve the paintings I am having restored. These paintings were created by my granddad and one hung in the living room of the home I was raised in. He painted such a deep blue summer sky and a white yacht with a big white sail on a colorful blue-green sea. I treasure it in my heart! He liked to paint tall ships and ships with lots of sails, so I've always had a fondness for tall ships. He did some still life stuff too, but the ship paintings impress me the most.

Also on the wall in my room hangs a picture of Christ, the "Sacred Heart of Jesus". It hung over the bed in the guest room of my grandparent's home. I always loved that picture because Jesus looks so masculine and his hand is over his chest as if he is holding his heart in because it is about to burst out of immense love. That picture reminds me of my grandma.

Everyday I drive my jeep, I'm reminded of my aunt who left it to me when she died. I'm also reminded of Pat and my Gram anytime I see a Peanuts character. They both were huge fans of Snoopy and Charlie Brown.

On my left ring finger I wear the 1934 class ring of my Gram who I miss terribly. I'm so thankful to have this ring to remind me of her each day.

It is so weird how seemingly insignificant inanimate objects can come to have such meaning in our lives because of how they connect us with the important people we have been blessed to know.

All this from Grape Crush. It bloggles the mind!

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