Sunday, January 14, 2007

There is No Power in Faith Alone

Ever hear or have someone say to you "just believe" or "think positive" and everything will work out?

I'm not saying that thinking positive is a bad thing. Being optimistic is good and keeping your mind focused in a positive way can keep you in a good mood. But, how long can that last? If you keep "thinking positive" and keep sending "positive thoughts" out when BAM BAM BAM, life kicks you and beats you down time after time, how long will you remain "positive"? You might hear someone encourage you with "just believe".

"Just believe" what?

"Have faith"

"Have faith" in what?

There is no power in positive thinking. You might think that there is, but you are wrong.

There is no power in faith alone. Your faith is no better than it's object.

Adrian Rogers, in What Every Christian Ought to Know, says "We're to be 'looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.' Looking unto Jesus. Don't look at your look. Don't put faith in your faith; put faith in God. The reality of faith is not positive thinking. It's not faith in faith. It is faith in God. Weak faith in the right object is better than misplaced faith in the wrong object."

One of the verses in the Bible that makes me chuckle a bit is found in Hosea 4:11. Admonishing His people through Hosea, God says:
"They consult a wooden idol
and are answered by a stick of wood."
That just cracks me up! Oh how many in this world turn to false gods and objects such as crystal balls, tea leaves, lines on your hand, "luck charms", horoscopes, or whatever, for "hope". Well, I've learned that in the Bible, the word hope means assurance with anticipation. Assurance! Not a maybe, but a write this down, mark my words, this is what shall be!

If your hope is found in your latest psychic reading, well, you should understand that you already have your answer. You have already received from that consultation what you will. If you consult a wooden idol, you will be answered by a stick of wood. Where is the hope in that?

Power is not in faith alone, but in the object of that faith. Faith comes from God. "Faith is getting God's will done on earth, and the result of faith is the will of God."

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