Saturday, January 06, 2007

Blogger Beta Permalinks

Hmmmm...anyone else having trouble with permalinks in Blogger Beta? For some reason my permalinks have the post # doubled in the permalink addy. Weird. Some archived posts do not have that problem, but the ones posted in Blogger Beta (or I guess it's out of Beta now) the new Blogger are not posting correctly. It's very irritating.

* * UPDATE * *

Well, I fixed this issue by removing some code in the template. You know, I like when Blogger upgrades, but everytime something like this is upgraded, there is a snowball effect. Fixing one thing, leads to needing to fix another and leads to other unforseen issues. Now Blogger doesn't publish my entire blog seems to get hung up somewhere so if I have a major template update, I have to manually go in for some months and fix it. I don't know if it just isn't connecting to my server or what the problem is. Oh well, it gives me something to obsess with.

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