Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Movies Were a Trip

Katie and I went to see Rocky Balboa today. I had seen it before and really thought Katie would enjoy it too, so we both went.

We arrived later than I had planned, so by the time we entered the theater with our popcorn and drinks, the lights were down and the previews were showing.

Having just come in from the lighted hallway, it took a minute for our eyes to adjust. Unfortunately, when we started to ascend the stairs, we hadn't given our eyes enough time to adjust to the darkness, so we were being guided by the lights on the steps.

I was in front, popcorn in my left hand, drink in my right. This theater has stadium seating so, the climb is fairly steep up the steps, however they are staggered. There is a step, then a longer platform, then the next step, platform, step, platform, step. My brain knows this, and my eyes could see the lights on the edges of each step.

But, eyes can play tricks!

Suddenly I was realizing I was taking a step up where there was no step! I stumbled but was able to catch myself before anything tragic occurred. Katie was behind me and I started upward again, but became disoriented by the lights and the fact that I was taking more steps where there were no steps!

It was as if there was an optical illusion and my brain couldn't comprehend the messages my eyes were sending it about where the steps actually were! I was stumbling around like a drunkard and feeling rather embarrassed by this because the rest of the audience (only two people, thank goodness!) had already adjusted to the darkness and I'm sure could see what a fool I was making of myself!

I stopped to get my bearing and asked Katie "can we sit here?" and she said "no". This was VERY disappointing to me because a seat sounded safe! I was reeeeaaaallly hoping to slide over into that row to safety, but nooooooooo, Katie can't sit that close because it makes her dizzy.

Movie SnacksSo, up I went again and this time I really lost my balance and went stumbling, only catching myself against the rail to my left. My popcorn went flying like hundreds of birds fleeing a tree when startled. Katie started laughing and I just started picking up popcorn!

"Can we please sit here?" and with an affirmative from Katie, we carefully made our way into that row of seats and found stability. It was still too close for Katie's comfort, but at least we were safe! and laughing at ourselves hysterically, just imagining what we must have looked like!

Then Katie confessed that she wasn't so much laughing at the sight of me stumbling around in the dark theater and throwing my popcorn around, because she herself was doing the same thing behind me! LOL

So, we were finally at ease enjoying Rocky and stayed until the very end. The other two movie goers had already exited the theater and when the lights came back up, Katie and I made our way safely down the steps, passed the scattered popcorn, and were finally on the floor at ground level. Whew!

We turned the corner to make our way down the hall and out of the theater when Katie doubles over laughing hysterically. She saw it before I did, but then I looked and saw a very large popcorn spill on the floor of the hallway. It seems that when I stumbled on the steps on the way in before the start of the film, the popcorn shower I initiated rained down over the banister and into the hall! LOL

We both had a great laugh over that! Oh boy. Oh, and I stopped by the concession area and got a free refill on my popcorn!

And when I got in the car, as I was settling in and putting on my seatbelt, I accidently got hooked up on my popcorn bag and flipped my popcorn AGAIN! Now there is popcorn all over my car!

It just wasn't meant to be! It bloggles the mind!

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