Monday, March 07, 2005

The Worst Email I Have Ever Received

To get the background on this, you need to read THIS POST.

To summarize, Brad, a former manager of mine, was diagnosed with cancer two years ago. I've emailed a called a couple of times to keep in touch and see how he is doing. A few weeks ago, Brad decided that he was going to quit chemo and basically allow the illness to take his life. I've kept him and his wife in my prayers.

I am going to Iowa the first weekend in April for a wedding. I talked to Brad and told him I was coming and he better still be around! His reply was "that's great sue! i'm planning on being in good shape in april. we'll have to work out something then." Brad is a HUGE Elton John fan, I mean HUGE as in president of the fan club in his area, has every recording ever made by Elton, all kinds of autographed paraphenalia, even met Elton John at a concert last year. THAT kiind of fan! Brad has tickets for the Elton show in Minneapolis later in April, so he said he plans to be around for that, so my visit that first weekend shouldn't be a problem.

It's a problem. I received this email from a mutual friend today, "It might be a good idea if you get a hold of Brad soon if you want to talk to him again. He is fading fast..." That makes things a bit more urgent. I don't know if Brad will make it to my visit! DRAT!

This reminds me of when my Aunt Pat died in 2001. Her prognosis was that she had a few months more. She retired as a nurse from University Hospitals in Cleveland on Friday and died early Monday morning. Nursing was her life, so I guess when that was over, so was living. I had made plans to come home one weekend, but then Mom called that Sunday night to give me the news that Pat was dying and it wouldn't be long. I remember yelling "NOOOOOOOOOOO! I'm coming home at the end of the week! She has to hold on!", but Pat passed away early Monday morning, days before my visit. I hate that I didn't make it home to see her.

I'd hate to miss seeing Brad on my visit to Iowa in a few weeks, but it doesn't sound good. I need to call SOON!

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