Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Katie and I will be going on a rooooooaaaaaaaaaaaadtrip in a couple of weeks. I'm very excited about this because one, it's always fun to spend time with my best friend; two, it will be an adventure to drive all the way to IA (from TN); three, I'm going back to a place that I lived and made connections in for three 1/2 years. I haven't returned since I left in January 2000.

I am going back to IA for the wedding of T, who was once my very best friend. She and I roomed together in college at Akron U, and eventually moved in and shared an apartment as we both got jobs and started careers. We were both dedicated to our careers, at the time I was a teacher and she was a nurse, and eventually her career upgraded into administration and led her out of state to MI. I joined her there for an adventure and when I couldn't get a teaching job in Traverse City, I followed her to IA where I really started in my retail career, and she started up Home Care Plus, a home care agency, with the Marshalltown Medical and Surgical Center. (I have to tell you...I came up with the Home Care Plus motto: Home is where your health is, I was so proud of that!) T and I shared a home for almost 15 years total, but then she met a man and started dating so it was time for me to move on and so I did.

I'm excited to go back to see T and meet her "husband", I don't even know him. Weird. It is so weird how people, who were once a part of my everyday life, are not really even thought about much unless it's a special occasion. She's not even marrying the same man she started dating when I left. I've really never met this guy and at one time T and I shared all our thoughts, feelings and things friends share. It will be nice to catch up a bit with her, and I know she'll be all tied up in the wedding and stuff, so we really won't have time to chat much. I will enjoy seeing her family again, the people she works with, and chatting with them some before and after the festivities.

Another thing I hope to do is see Brad, but it seems his prognosis isn't good. (See prior posts) I haven't heard anything in days. I hate this waiting.

Most of all I am so looking forward to visiting my church. First Baptist Church of Marshalltown, IA will forever be engrained in my memory because it was the place where I was baptized. It was the place where I discovered my Savior, and took my very first steps as a Christian. I made lasting friendships there and as a matter of fact, when Katie and I go to IA, we will be staying with one of my friends, Deleana. IT'S GONNA BE A BLAST!

Deleana is also organizing a get together sort of deal so that I can meet up with all the women that we had bible study with that summer of 1999. About twenty women met weekly to do the Experiencing God study and it was AWESOME! I can't wait to share all the ways I've been experiencing God since that study! THAT'S GOING TO BE SOOOOOO COOL! Those ladies have no idea what an impact they made in my life! It will be so neat to see them all again! Only bummer is that one of my spiritual mentors has since moved to WI, so Noni won't be there, but I will be seeing many of the women I studied with. It's gonna be so fun!

I'm hoping to get a chance to eat at Rube's Steakhouse too. I don't know if I'll be able to work that into the trip and that will be a bummer. YUM! Fresh cut steaks that you grill yourself over open flame! My mouth is watering! I might just HAVE to MAKE time to get may be my only chance!

YAY! Gotta go, Katie's home early!

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