Thursday, March 17, 2005

First Job Meme

1) What was your very first job where you received a paycheck?

I delivered the Akron Beacon Journal. I lived in the country, so the distance between homes was great. This wasn't so much an issue in the summer when I could ride my bike to deliver, but during winter months or rainy days it wasn't so fun. I think my mom hated when it rained, but she never complained when she would wake up early on Sunday morning to drive me through the route.

2) How old were you?
10 or 11? It was fifth grade

3) Did the job require you to wear a uniform รข€“ - take a moment and describe?

no uniform

4) How long did you keep your first job?

I don't remember exactly, possible a year, if I made it that long. I had that route during the winter of 1977-1978 and it was a BAAAAAAAAD winter, BIGTIME blizzard. There were a couple of days I couldn't even deliver the paper because the snow was piled higher than I was tall. No one could go anywhere, so my customers had to do without the news for a few days. Ugh.

I did have the job long enough to earn money to buy a big tent and a 10 speed bike though.

5) When you left your first job was it because you quit or were you fired?

I quit! Delivering papers isn't as easy as it seems!

6) What was your second job?

I started working at the office my mom worked at and was paid out of petty cash. I would do odd jobs just to help out. Some of those odd jobs were pulling staples out of the carpet, filing invoices, and whatever else I was asked to do. All that was fine until I was asked to take on a part-time position as a coupon counter. Coupon-counting was NOT for me!

7) Were you ever "counselled" about your performance on a job? What for?

I was only ever counselled once for poor performance and that was as a coupon-counter. My productivity wasn't up to standards apparantly and I spent too much time talking and joking around. I distracted others. I soon moved out of that department and started distracting others somewhere else!

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