Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cookies Gone Wrong

My friend had been given a gift awhile back and passed it along to me the other day. She didn't think she would ever do anything with it. It is dry cookie batter in a Peanuts collector's bowl. The illustration on the bowl appears below and it isn't it cute?

That's just too funny! LOL

So, last night I made the cookies. It was a disaster. I mistakenly added two eggs when it was supposed to be one. But, no problem, I caught that before I mixed all the ingredients together, so there I was scooping out the egg yolk, which went ok. Then I failed miserably at scooping out all the albumen, I mean, how do you "measure" that? I went ahead and mixed everything up and enjoyed some of the batter. That was delish! So then, Katrina puts the cookies on a cookie sheet and placed them in the oven. I said "I don't know if they will turn out".

So, about 15 minutes later we get them out. Justin was excited. I tried one first. It was horrid! LOL Really spongy! LOL *gag* *sputter* *gag*

So Justin tried one too and said "I've had pound cake in an MRE that was better!" LOLOL

We laughed and waited for Tif to come home. When she did Katrina said "shhhhhh, let her have one". So, as expected, as soon as she saw the freshly baked cookies still cooling on the top of the stove, she grabbed and ate. We all paused and waited for her reaction.

She crinkled up her face and declared "these are repulsive!" LOL

I got a great bowl out of the deal though!

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