Saturday, August 16, 2008

About Ma

On a Merry-go-round is a blog I have been following lately. Donna writes about everyday observations of life and often can bring to the surface things that a person can easily overlook and dismiss without much thought. Her style of writing sometimes requires more than one read through because she packs many thoughts into a small space, but usually they can put a smile on my face.

One of her recent posts, Laughter, bettern' snuff, sparked some comments from me about my sister and my mom. I want to share about my mom here. In a comment reply Donna said "You want to know how to get to know things about someone right away? Ask questions of the person about his or her mother...". I had to reply with this: (and it's not even Mother's Day!)

When I grow up I want to be like my mom.

She always tells me everything will be okay. She has always told me this, and she has always been right. She has this quality about her that makes all my friends want to call her when they are down because she can just make you feel better no matter what. It's a gift.

She has patience like I can only imagine having.

She beat cancer, not once, but twice, and really never let us see her sweat. I was way more a wimp through that ordeal! She has more strength and fortitude than some of the Olympians people have been admiring this week.

She loves to laugh and to give me big hugs.

She sacrifices so much time and effort for other people it is amazing. She housesits, dog sits, babysits, and even went once a week to a jail visit a friend who was wrongly accused and falsely imprisoned for a year. She visited my grandmother, her mother in law, daily for years until her death. She loves as unconditionally as any human can.

Yes, when I grow up I want to be like my mom.

I hope I get home to visit her soon. I miss my mom.

We will laugh!

I really hope that I have learned and aquired some of the character of my mom. She is a beacon of optimism (well, I don't so much have that going on), has a natural love for people (I think I have some of that) and has a servant's heart (I can do this, but there is room for improvement). She is one of the hardest working people I know, and that is AFTER retirement! (I have a good work ethic as well, so I guess I have learned in some ways to be like mom!)

I am so blessed and can not fathom why God gave me the mom and dad He did! He's just showing He loves me! It bloggles the mind!

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