Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I met Steve this weekend past. I like him. I think Katie likes him too! LOL

So, as they develop in their relationship and learn about each other, I'm feeling melancholy and wondering about what changes in my life may be coming.

I'm excited for Katie as she revels in this new relationship, and at the same time, I miss my friend.

It's not a jealousy at all, it's just "different". Thankfully Katie and I have a very open and honest friendship, so these "adjustments" that are being made are going smoothly.

She introduced Steve to her kids and that went very well.

She introduced Steve to Northbrook, and that is very important to her, because she depends on the Body of Christ to approve. That seemed to go well. Hopefully he will be able to return and spend more time with NB so we can all get to know him better.

God knows what the future holds, and I know to trust Him.

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