Monday, February 04, 2008

Staying Moldable, It's Too Hard

I am studying Henry Blackaby's "Experiencing God". Blackaby says that in our walk with God we will experience a Crisis of Belief which will require a Major Life Adjustment. When God reveals Himself to us as He pursues a loving relationship, it requires a response. He will ask us to respond and what we do next will reveal what we believe about God to be true. In other words, faith = action.

One of the women I am discipling with said "...if I am looking to God daily for His will, I am staying moldable in His hand, why would there need to be major adjustments?"


I would say that the "being moldable" is the "major adjustment". If you are not moldable, you would resist any shaping whatsoever, therefore you would not make any adjustment at all.

An example: When I was moldable, God said "quit your job, leave your home, move to a foreign land". I literally was studying the Crisis of Belief (which came to be known as a "COB" in my Experiencing God class) when I was having a crisis of major proportions! A few months later I quit my job, left my home and moved to West TN. Now there's that MAJOR life adjustment! He then molded me and shaped me through those times for His work. His work was delivering one of His children from the bondage of abuse. He worked through me to do that. I experienced God in amazing ways because I allowed Him to TOTALLY MESS UP MY LIFE! *tongue in cheek* (truth in sarcasm).

However, somewhere along I had a few more COBs and started to resist them and any major life adjustments. It's too hard to stay moldable.

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