Monday, June 04, 2007

Jacob's Field

OH MAN! I HAD SO MUCH FUN AT THE INDIAN'S GAME! It was my first time ever at Jacob's Field and I was excited to check out the Indian's home. I had seen them play a few times at the old Cleveland Stadium, and had heard wonderful things about "The Jake", and couldn't wait to go there. Well, this past Saturday my sister Dawn, and her boyfriend Leroy, headed to the game. The special bonus was the rental car my sister had (she was in from Las Vegas) was upgraded by the rental car attendant just for the heck of it to a WHITE MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE! I was stylin'! Riding without the top all the way into downtown Cleveland! Woohooo!

There is something really awe inspiring about entering a stadium, it can give you that "wow" feeling, especially when it's the first time ever being there. We got into Cleveland a good hour before the first pitch, parked without much effort at all, and walked a few blocks to the field.

We had tickets up pretty high because they were the only ones left with Detroit in town...Tigers AND Piston's for Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals. There was anticipation in the air and I could feel the electricity. We climbed and climbed up and up and up after we entered the gates at the Jake and when we made it to our section, we walked down a short "hall" to check out the field.

It almost takes ones breath away. The backdrop of the city with The Terminal Tower on the left, the Q right across the way where the Cavs were set to play in a couple of hours, and people gathering in the courtyard just outside to watch the NBA action on the big screen. The motion and lighted activity of the giant scoreboard in centerfield immediatly grabs your attention. The green of the perfectly manicured field and Chief Wahoo greeting us everywhere we looked. The usher offered to take a pic of us with my camera and I think he did a great job! (I'm the one on the right.) Leroy's Yankee's attire earned him a few friendly jabs from Indian's fans! LOL

The Indian's didn't play like a first place team that night, but that didn't hurt the fun I was having. People were just feeling good, and there was contagious fun and excitement in the air. I only had one bad experience which I will share now.

There were a few small pop-up storms happening around the Cleveland area and at one point the wind really kicked it up a notch. We were purchasing our souvenirs and ballpark franks in the concessions area, which is on the outside of the building, and like I said, we were up high. My arms were full as I was carrying my large bag of popcorn, hotdog, and bottled water, which had no cap (for whatever reason we are not allowed caps on water bottles), in my left arm, and in my right I was holding my Dr. Pepper in my souvenir cup...with no lid, because lids aren't allowed either. Well, as I waited for Leroy to get his order, I stepped to the side. I was standing at the opening of the field, which was basically like a tunnel that goes from the concessions area to the stadium seats. The wind really picked up bigtime and I was soon standing in a wind tunnel with hurricane force winds!

Suddenly my popcorn started blowing all around like it was in the popper at the movies! It was flying everywhere, and then my new Chief Wahoo cap started to raise off the top of my head. My sister said "Sue, your cap!" and my reflex was to grab it. Unfortunately, my grabbing hand, my right hand, was holding my large cup of Dr. Pepper!

My arm shot up, and when the cup stopped, the Dr. Pepper kept shooting upward in the path of the trajectory! With the wind blowing, it blew all that Dr. Pepper all over everyone standing in line! Popcorn was still blowing dizzily all around me, now it was raining Dr. Pepper, and the people in line all screamed! They literally all screamed! One guy in line was covered in Dr. Pepper from head to toe, and he had been dressed in all white. Now he was quite spotted with cola! OOPS! All I could do is apologize. I felt so bad. At least he was pretty cool about it. I just kept apologizing. I was so embarrassed too!

At least I saved my Chief Wahoo cap! Yay!

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