Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sparks Fly!

Literally! Sparks flew right out of my computer monitor and now it sits cold and lifeless on the desk.

Tiffany was using it at the time, she reported seeing smoke rising out of the back of the monitor and it smelled bad. She watched the picture on the screen shrink into black. It was over. Thinking quickly, she shut the computer off and unplugged the monitor. Good thing someone was home at the time!


Good thing it waited until AFTER the tv interview on blogging! Oh yeah, don't forget to turn your tv to channel 7, WBBJ, on May 8th to see our interview...and see the old Cowbox monitor. *sniff*

So, out with the old CRT and in with a flat panel! No better time than the present! I've been eyeballing one at work I have a good excuse to splurge!

*** UPDATED ***

Here's a pic of the new Monitor...HP w1907

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