Monday, April 23, 2007

Sisters' Weblog Featured on TV

Living with Katie sure has it's exciting moments! (Exciting is not always a good thing...but today it was!) Today, WBBJ, the local ABC affliliate is here at the house interviewing us about a special series they are doing on blogging. "The Blogosphere" Sue Bloggingis a series that will run on Tuesdays, starting tomorrow (April 24) through May. It should be really fun! Tune in to WBBJ on May 8th to see US! (If you are an early riser and miss the show at 10pm on the 8th, you can catch the segment again on Wednesday, May 9th at 5:30 am.)

I have to admit, it is pretty rough trying to blog with a GIANT camera in your face! LOL

AAAAUUUGGGHHHH!! The pressure!

Right now as I type, they are going for the sound of the typing on the keyboard. This is very interesting! All this recording for probably 2 minutes of material.

Next, Katie will be up to be interviewed and I'm sure she will have A LOT to say! (She always has A LOT to say!) LOL

Well, hmmmmm....not sure what I'm to be doing now. There is a camera pointed at me and I'm supposed to keep typing as though I am blogging for real. I am blogging for real! LOL

(A little later after Katie's interview we had to do a "fake" blog together...what you are reading right now is this "fake" blog)

Katie BloggingWe told them how we share our faith and everything else that goes on in our lives on our blog. We consider this series "The Blogosphere" on the news, and our inclusion in it a God thing....another opportunity to spread the Word and could possibly drive more traffic to the Sisters' Weblog, to glorify God even more!

Dreaming Big....Katie's recent retreat was all about God's desire to dream big for us, His children. Katie didn't understand the "dream big" part, but now that the Sisters' Weblog is an "Award Winning Tennessee Blog" and is being featured on local television...well, hey, that's pretty big. Not like earth shattering big, but big enough!

It bloggles the mind!

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