Sunday, February 06, 2005

Five Things You May Not Know...

I grabbed this from Jax.

Five Things You May Not Know About My Time in School:

  • In high school I played softball (DH and right field) and was a trumpet player in every ensemble I could find to participate in.

  • I really enjoyed art and took many classes including: stained/leaded glass, watercoloring, and acryllics. I once earned an honorable mention in a district-wide art show for a sketch of a baseball catcher I did in less than a minute.

  • I rode the bus to school everyday from kindergarten through my senior year in high school.

  • In college my marching band career was ended when I badly sprained my ankle running down the steps because I was late to rehearsal.

  • My college class ring (that I am still wearing) has incribed on it that I earned a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) when I actually earned a Bachelor of Music. I had a roommate who was a nurse and I would hear the term BM (bowel movement) a lot. I just didn't want that inscribed on my class ring! LOL

Five Things You May Not Know About the Jobs I Have (or Had):

  • I had my first job delivering the Akron Beacon Journal newspaper when I was in 5th grade. That was during the winter, the blizzard, of 1978. That was my first and last winter delivering newspapers!

  • My first "real" job was working in the office of Discount Drug Mart while in high school, thanks to my Ma!

  • The only time I was every "counselled" for poor job performance was as a coupon counter. I HATED counting coupons! Booooooooooooring!

  • I was a band director at Keystone Middle School, and assistant marching band director at the high school, from January of 1991 to June of 1995. One acheivement while there was the creation of the middle school jazz band, the Keystone Kool Kats! The kids loved it!

  • I currently manage a music retail store and have aspirations to own my own Christian music, movies and books store.

Five Things You May Not Know About My Online Life:

  • Since that first dial-up moment in 1998, I don't think I have been offline for more than three days at one time.

  • I enjoy gaming and once was a member of an online baseball league. (I made the playoffs two seasons in a row!) Today I am an active member of the Outlaws of Sherwood Forest gaming community where I play Battlefield 1942.

  • I have always used my real name online and never once have I been stalked or murdered.

  • I have always had a webpage online since my first went up in 1999, and I still maintain one, along with this blog that started in September of 2002.

  • Katie and I first met online when I answered her request to pray for her then husband and their marriage.

Five Things You May Not Know About Where I Live:

  • I live in the South. In Tennessee to be exact, and it has been culture shock to my system. I moved here from the Midwest (Iowa, Ohio) in January 2000, and five years later, I'm still suffering from shock!

  • I live in the "Bible belt".

  • I live in a house, the first house that I purchased all by myself. It is God's Gift to me and my framily.

  • I live 3.5 miles from church.

  • The town where I live is Humboldt, TN and is located nearest to Jackson, and between Memphis and Nashville. It is about an hour and 1/2 from Memphis.

Five Things You May Not Know About My Home Life:

  • I share a home with my best friend Katie and her two kids. I call myself the "Not-the-mom".

  • I sleep on a futon.

  • I don't watch tv, so I don't bother with cable. I stick to select movies or watching old television series like Little House on the Prairie or M*A*S*H on framily nights.

  • Framily Nights are special times that the framily [friends (me) + family (Katie and her kids)] spends together. This is a night of watching a movie together, sharing dinner out together, or going to the movies. We looooove Framily Nights!

  • I have a dog named Whyzer ("weezer") and he has been a faithful companion for thirteen years. The veterinarian can't believe he is thirteen!

Five Things You May Not Know That I Desperately Want:

  • a closer relationship that is always growing in Jesus Christ

  • better focus on God through prayer

  • to allow Christ to work through me

  • show the love of Christ to all people I come in contact with

  • to glorify God in all that I home, at work, at play, at bat, EVERYWHERE and in EVERY WAY!

Five Things You May Not Know About What I Do in a Typical Day:

  • When I awaken I do these this order: Put on my glasses, get up and walk to the kitchen and turn on the computer, let Whyzer and Cheri (Katie's dog) out, use the restroom (while the puter boots up), feed the dogs, let the dogs in, check email, read the news online, shower and get ready for work.

  • If I'm working days, I take the kids to school. I also pick up the kids we carpool with. I never thought I'd hear myself say "pick up the kids we carpool with"! I'm 38 and single and have been all my life...that's what makes saying that sound so weird to me! LOL

  • Wednesday is my usual day off. Katie and I celebrate "God day" and start it off with breakfast at Cathey's Restaurant in Trenton, TN where the best waitress in the world works. Her name is Faye.

  • I stand/walk at my job for 8-9 hours a day

  • I rarely go a day without laughing with my best friend Katie and/or her kids. The other day I lost it when Tif had the hiccups. They were those noisy painful kind and it was disrupting our M*A*S*H viewing so Katie said "Tif! Hold your breath!" Tif said "tried that, didn't work", so her mom suggested "well, then, at least keep your mouth closed" and Tif replied "I tried that too and then my ears started popping". LOLOLOL

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