Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Francesca Battistelli - New Artist and I LIKE HER!

Thanks to WayFM Nashville, I was introduced to Francesca Battistelli the other day. This video from a few years ago is of the song I heard her perform live in the studio with just her voice and guitar. It was raw and edgy and that is how I like my rock music. The released version however possesses the polished quality of studio production which somehow loses that "edge", but it is still very good, just more pop. I'm hoping that one day the acoustic version will be released as a "bonus" or something. I recommend the songs "Free to Be Me" and "The Time In Between", although "I'm Letting Go" is currently getting airplay on Christian stations.

Her voice timbre is similar to Nelly Furtado mixed with some Natasha Bedingfield, yet at times her voice inflection and tone reminds me of Shania Twain, with that clarity in the higher range and especially when she "bends" notes. The melodies are infectious and you'll find yourself humming them at various points throughout the day. It's good stuff. I think her music will have wide appeal with the youth as well as the older generations, which unfortunately I am now apart of. Ugh. When did that happen? LOL

One listen of the album "My Paper Heart" on Amazon was all it took and within minutes I had her music streaming into my ears from my mp3 player. It's sooooo good! It has been a really long time since new music really excited me, I think the last time was DecembeRadio, who by the way, has a new album being released toward the end of August. Yes! Family Force 5 has a new one coming too!

Anyway, I wanted to pass along my discovery and encourage you to check out Battistelli's music and maybe you will enjoy it as well!

Francesca Battistelli Sites:

Official Website

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