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Deeper Still: The Event - Beth Moore

After lunch it was the panel discussion. The three women answered questions that people had for them and questions ranged from asking Beth Moore "How do you get your hair so big?" to "How do you keep from becoming prideful, after all you are admired by so many?" The discussions were frank and funny at times! We were all rolling when Beth talked about the "critical hair moment", that moment when while fixing your hair it could go either way...a bad hair day, or a good hair day. Her household apparently is very aware of that critical moment and know that it is no time to disturb her! LOL The answer to the pride question was basically "I remember where God brought me from." After a wild, funny and honest panel discussion with the three women speakers of the Deeper Still event, Priscilla Shirer, Kay Arthur and Beth Moore, it was time for Moore to deliver the Word God gave her to share.

First, Beth Moore reminded the audience about the important message Kay Arthur had delivered that morning. She said it was impactful and called for a time of repentance, so she gave some time for reflection and prayer. Moore said "We have the authority in scripture to leave this place 100% pure. Leave this place in forgiveness and victory --- NO condemnation!" Then while the worship band reprised "Mercy Seat" an invitation was given for those in need of prayer and having need to repent and a desire to leave 100% pure. It was a time of reflection, prayer and tears.

After that time of personal worship and prayer, Moore took the stage to deliver her message from John 1:14:
The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.
When Moore spoke of the Word, she was basically affirming the message Kay Arthur gave which is that doctrine matters. She talked to us again about how the Word is Truth and we can easily become legalistic if we don't hear from God, or seek God, and/or we have sick "want-tos". She explained that some people don't want to be delivered, too often we are happy in our sin. She suggested that we pray that God will change our "want to". A "want-to" is our selfishness, how we want to do something, or have something. These are our "want-tos" and if we have a sick "want-to" we are not in God's will. Our "want to" should line up with what God wants to do.

Moore had a couple of interesting points to ponder. She talked about the transfiguration of Christ on the mountain when "His face shone like the sun, and his clothes became as white as the light. (Matt. 17) She was emphasizing that We have seen His Glory (John 1:14) and that Christ was transfigured on that mountain because His Glory was bursting forth from the shell of His flesh. I thought that a cool thought.

She went on to talk about the fact that sometimes when we see the backside of something that is when we most see God in it. She compared this idea to the fact that Moses couldn't see God as He passed by and so God hid him in the cleft of rock, but Moses could see God on the backside. Neat comparison.

She had much to share with us, but here are a couple statements I am taking out of my notes that need little explanation:
  • Jesus will not share His glory! He is the One and Only!
  • Satan is only allowed to sift us when we need sifting.
  • Relationships with false saviors end badly, you can't be somebody's all.
Jesus is full of Grace and Truth (John 1:14). What really struck me as Moore dug into the end of this verse of scripture she had us going over and over was that when scripture says Jesus is FULL of Grace, that means He is ALWAYS full of Grace. When Grace leaves Him, it is automatically replenished. It is a never ending supply. Grace upon Grace, Grace replaced by Grace perpetually. When we receive His Grace, we can and should go back for more!

Did you know that John never mentions Grace again after the beginning of His gospel? I never noticed that until Moore pointed it out and she thinks it is because John told the reader about Grace, and then the rest of his book is an expression of His Grace.

After Moore's message there was a short time of prayer and praise and worship. Then, with solo piano and his single voice, Travis Cottrell prompted the audience to sing. When all the women began to carry the music, he backed away from his keyboard and the musicians quietly left the stage almost unnoticed. 19,000 women in attendance sang "Shout to the Lord" a cappella and it was a sweet sound. A lump in the throat, goosebumps moment of awe. A beautiful and appropriate ending to a wonderful event. To God be the Glory!


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