Tuesday, October 16, 2007

No Hug Goodbye

At the airport coming home yesterday morning, Ma and Dee were obviously taking a different flights, and on different airlines. I was coming back to Tennesse, while my mom was going home to Ohio. Our plan was to meet up at my gate, GATE D12 and they were just beyond that at GATE D19. We seperated and started the check in process. As we seperated Ma said "we'll meet you at the gate".

Well, check in took longer than expected, then the security lines were horrendously long. The end result was that I knew Ma wouldn't be meeting me at my gate because it was getting close for her plane to board, so after making it through security (I hate terrorists!) I went up to her gate (which was NOT just beyond mine, but rather, in a different wing! That only complicated things more!). The waiting area was already emptied out and the ticket taker person was there alone. I approached the desk and started to cry because I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to Ma and Dee. There was no hug goodbye.

The woman asked me "are you on this flight?" I stuttered out a "no"...bowed my head and tried to regain my composure during an awkward silence, finally mustered up some strength and through a quivering lip got out "my ..... moooooooom.......is....." The woman saw I was obviously upset, and just then another person came up to get on the plane, which was good because it gave me time to compose myself. I felt so bad. I didn't even get to say "bye" to my mom. She's already on that plane probably bummin' too. I asked the ticket lady if she could go say "bye" for me. She just thought I was nuts I think. I ended up writing my mom a short note on steno pad paper that I had, handed it to the lady, thanked her and walked away. I wondered for hours all the way home if my note made it to Ma.

I kept thinking after I left that note what if mom's plane goes down and her last words to me were "we'll meet you at the gate."....THAT's NOT THE GATE we meant! LOL
As soon as I arrived home, I called my mom and she said she was so touched by that note. "I'm going to keep this forever!". It all worked out...but, I hate that I didn't get a goodbye hug.

I love you Ma! Thanks so much for the trip! I had an excellent time. It was soooooooooooo fun! I enjoyed spending time with you, Dee, and Dawn and everyone. I saw mountains for the first time, and even flew over the Grand Canyon. I was amazed by The Hoover Dam and all those magnificent buildings in Las Vegas. And...We'll have to bowl again sometime! LOL It really was a special time and you spoiled me. Thank you...you and dad are awesome! I am so blessed!

Thanks to those nice people at Continental Airlines that got that note to my mom.

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