Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Las Vegas Trip

Mom, Cory, Sue
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I just returned home from visiting my sister in Las Vegas. We kept ourselves quite entertained going horseback riding, bowling, walking the strip and seeing what all the casinos were about. We even went to see The Hoover Dam...what an amazing sight!

The best part of the trip though was spending time with mom and my sister, and even getting to see my nephew Cory. The last time I saw him he was shorter than me!

Driving around Las Vegas, it was really amazing to see the tall buildings, which basically amount to what man accomplishes. Trump Tower stands as an isolated building in the desert, adorned in gold, with a bold "TRUMP" announcing a triumph of a wealthy man. It must be something to stand back and look at a building with one's name on it. While all those buildings are impressive, nothing impressed me more than the mountains I saw and just the beauty of God's creation.

Man never made a mountain.

See pictures of my Las Vegas Trip HERE.

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