Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I make a living as a sales manager in a retail store. My job requires that I am on my feet, and on the sales floor, 9-10 hours a day. Because I sell office and school supplies and it is back to school time, I am on my feet slightly more than normal.


Achilles TendonitisWell, my aches this time have turned to MAJOR pain in my left, foot, rather my left heel. I have Achilles Tendonitis. So naturally I went to Wikipedia to look up info about the Achilles tendon.

Cause: overuse

So, today I'm sitting around doing nothing...of course, this is after limping around to get to the podiatrist, (who by the way informed me I also need treatment for a toenail fungus. Aaaand, since the drug treatment for that sometimes has serious side effects, I have to undergo a series of liver function bloodwork tests because apparantly the drug I will be taking can cause liver failure! I'd rather have toenail fungus!). After the podiastrist, I limped to the Imaging Center for X-Rays on my heel, where I left and limped around at Firestone where my car is being repaired. Once Justin picked me up, I limped around WalMart to get my prescription filled. Now I'm home and happily in front of the computer.

I hate limping.

Later though, I'm going to be limping to the movies to see The Bourne Ultimatum! Yay!

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