Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sex as a God

I couldn't help but overhear some rather loud women in the parking lot when I went to lunch today. They were apparently people who knew each other, but hadn't seen one another in awhile, so they were catching up.

Woman 1: "My son has two kids"

Woman 2: (Surprised) "WHAT?!! Two kids?" (By the way the woman reacted, it got my attention and I turned to look to see two women, probably no older than lower-thirties. I was struck that she looked awful young to have grandkids!)

Woman 1: "Yep. 3 months and 8 months."

(Yeah. I'm sure both of those babies will be well cared for. I also noticed Woman 1 didn't say "I have two grandkids.")

I continued past them and into the restuarant and while their voices were trailing off, Woman 1 was rattling off the mothers names of those kids.


If only the world sought after God like it does sex.

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