Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What is Salvation?

Some say it is being saved from the penalty of sin, which is death, and getting to spend eternity in heaven with God. That is a pretty standard answer to the question what is salvation.

I heard a message delivered by Adrian Rogers the other day where he pointed out that "salvation is not getting man out of earth into heaven, it is getting God out of heaven into man". My Heart, God's Home

God's house/tabernacle/temple is a house of three rooms: outer court (place of sacrifice/body), inner court (where people worshiped and fellowshipped/soul), innermost room (holy of holys/spirit)

In the message Rogers compares the houses, of God...the Primary House (Adam), the Pattern House (Temple in Jerusalem), the Perfect House (Jesus).

The pattern of each house of God was/is the same:
  • A house designed (created as a place for God to reside)
  • A house desecrated (sin = dirty house)
  • A house desolated (God can't live in a dirty house)
  • A house destroyed (death and destruction)
Then Jesus' sacrifice changed things and created the Permanent House (the human heart cleansed from sin because of Christ).

God's permanent house is within us and God is there forever!. He points out that we often say on Sunday "'We're coming to God's house', no, you're bringing God's house to church."

In the lesson, Rogers teaches that Adam died immediately in his spirit, progressively in his soul, and ultimately in his body.

He goes on to say that because of Jesus, God reversed that consequence, and for those who are saved, we are justified immediately in the spirit, sanctified progressively in the soul, and glorified ultimately in the body.

The message is just short of 40 minutes, but it is one of those I have listened to about 3 times already and recommend that you check it out.

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