Thursday, December 28, 2006


Now that I am learning the ropes at my new job, I am seeing that my decision to leave my career in music retail and pursue another avenue was a good one. It is affording me more time away from work, and the workload while I'm there is much more manageable (at least to this point). I am no longer running myself ragged feeling as though I never accomplished anything. I have a different clientelle and that has done wonders for my attitude these days.

I'm ashamed to admit that the struggle at my former job really hindered me spiritually. I was always so tired, so frustrated, feeling defeated, that I let that consume me. God forgive me. The thoughts that would go through my head at times were very far from Christ-like. 2006 was also a year that was a struggle financially with unplanned home repairs, major car repairs and some health issues that all contributed to my spiritual complacency.

I have felt bad that I let this world and it's troubles get me down, when God teaches through His Word that we should choose His yoke, and not the world's. It is so hard sometimes to do that because the pressure in this world is relentless! Then again, so is His love, yet the world blinds me to that. I was somewhat relieved, no, that is not the word I am looking for...comforted? No, that's not it either. Anyway, a woman in my SaLT group, someone I call a "mentor" admitted recently that she is having trouble spiritually due to pressures and frustrations at her job. I guess I was just glad to learn that it doesn't just happen to me, but also to those who I look to as having a strong faith. I guess we are all vulnerable to satan's attacks which is why we should pray for each other and lift each other up, always! Put on our armor!

I look forward to 2007. I am going to refocus my spiritual life. I pushed away one of the things hindering my relationship with my Lord, which was my former job and the things that came with it, finances and other stupid stuff, and now I am moving on. I am refocusing my commitment to Him. I know He is waiting.

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