Saturday, August 05, 2006

Not Taking Up Our Cross

I asked participants who claimed to be "strong followers of Jesus" whether Jesus spent time with the poor. Nearly 80 percent said yes. Later in the survey, I sneaked in another question. I asked this same group of strong followers whether they spent time with the poor, and less than 2 percent said they did. I learned a powerful lesson: We can admire and worship Jesus without doing what he did. We can applaud what he preached and stood for without caring about the same things. We can adore his cross without taking up ours. I had come to see that the great tragedy in the church is not that rich Christians do not care about the poor but that rich Christians do not know the poor." - Shane Claiborne

Read that on page 113 of "Irresistible Revolution - Living as an Ordinary Radical"

The Simple Way - check it out

I'm not sure I agree with all the stuff Shane Claiborne says or does, but he does make me think and that makes for good reading!

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