Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Confident, Dry and Secure

Not that there was any odor, but it might have led to that. You see, the best waitress in the world works at the restaurant Katie and I go to have breakfast at every Wednesday to start off our "God Day".

We have been doing this faithfully for years and years (well, at least the breakfast part!) and we've worked hard to develop a relationship with Faye, the waitress, as witnesses for Christ. She serves us each and every week with excellence and care, and today, I got to serve her!

Faye came over to our table shortly after we were seated. She bent over and very descreetly asked if either of us had deoderant in our purses. NOT the question we would have expected! LOL

I thought maybe I had some in my truck, but after I checked, I came in to tell her "sorry, no, but I'll run to the store to get some". She told me not to, but it was too good an opportunity to serve her for once!

Today, I bought deoderant for the best waitress in the world!

After paying the bill, on our way out the door, Katie asked Faye "Do you feel confident, dry and secure?"

Faye raised her hands and we all said "raise your hands if your Sure!" LOL

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