Thursday, June 03, 2010

I Love My Purse

Author:  Susan L. Prince


  1. Sue,

    I am so glad you made this video. For everyone else in the world...this is a first...for me..I have heard this speech over and over for years! I have searched and searched and I still search for this purse. You see, I was the one who found this purse for Sue many moons ago when she had this endless search for the perfect purse. Everywhere I went, I would go to the purse section and look for a purse that Sue loved. When she bought it she was so happy. I told her to buy two for when the first one wore out. I should have told her to buy THEM ALL!

  2. yes, and another thing I left out is the collection of purses that I have which are all of the "rejects" from various people searching for a purse that I love. LOL

  3. Love it! Buy me one too the next time you find one! janet j