Thursday, March 11, 2010

Do You Leap or Walk in Faith?

Author:  Susan L. Prince

You know, I've always been somewhat puzzled by the phrase "leap of faith". While I understand the message that phrase conveys, as somebody who tries to live by biblical precepts, there really is no such thing as a *leap* of faith. The Bible talks only of *walking* in faith. (Romans 4:12, 2 Corinthians 5:7)

The situation you are in, or the change you are enduring, might feel like a leap, but I can't help but wonder how much faith is really involved in a *leap*. Leaping would indicate an uncertainty about the outcome, and that is unsettling. A real faith would indicate confidence that the outcome of whatever situation is in God's control, and he will work out everything for His good purpose. There is no reason to leap from that, so why not *walk* in it?

A friend of mine recently shared about her first skydiving experience, (go read "What I Learned About the Lord and 14,000 Feet") and she said "all I had to do was follow his lead, and I was completely assured that everything would be ok" as she explained how not afraid she was to "leap" from the plane. 

She trusted a perfect stranger, shall we believers not trust a trustworthy Father who knows us intimately and completely understands our needs, desires and fears?  (addendum: I am agreeing with Ronda who also pointed out "How much more, then, should we trust our Lord and His Word, which never fail or forsake."  After rereading my post, I see that I may have unintentionally misrepresented what Ronda was saying, so I wanted to clarify by adding this.)

So whatever circumstance in life that this world brings us, it is best to continue walking in faith, knowing that the one who can not love you more than He already does is in control, and if we abide in Him, the outcome will be for our good and His glory.

Walk in confidence that the change is needed, the change is not a surprise to God, the change is good, and in all that, God does NOT change.  Walk with Him.

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  1. Ronda definitely took a LEAP of faith. I think the difference between a leap of faith and a that one is more risky and requires more faith. I don't need to exercise as much faith walking on the plane as I do by leaping out of it!!!! And frankly, Ronda had much more faith in her guide than I would have. I think I would have clawed his eyes out all the way down!!!!