Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Aloneness, Loneliness and What Isn't

Author:  Susan L. Prince

I received a nice email from Tim, a longtime follower of Sisters' Weblog:  It Bloggles the Mind!, today in response to what he read in my previous post.  What he had to say was very encouraging to me, but it also made me realize that I may want to clarify some things.

In my post I talked about how different things are now that the framily has gone its separate ways, and that I am lonely.  While it is true that at times I feel very lonely (tonight would be one of those times because I am sick and there is nobody to dote on me,  LOL), I understand that this is simply a transition period in my life.

I know that God has plans for my life, and that He is always near.  He won't allow one single need in my life to go unfulfilled.  He is giving me a new circle of friends and people to care about, and who care about me.  I have a great church family that won't let me fall through the cracks. 

The wonderful thing about the friendship that Katie and I have is that it endures.  We have been through so much that I believe she and I will forever be friends.  Her kids grew up here in this house, and we all shared this home for nearly a decade.  There is a connection that doesn't just end.  I don't mourn for the loss of the framily, because there is no loss...only change and growth.  Onward and upward!

At times I do look around and see things that trigger memories, like the hole in the door or the many pictures that rotate through on my screen saver, but these are awesome things!  I am so very humbled that God chose to give the gift of framily to me.  At times I am so taken aback, I get teary-eyed and overwhelmed with the realization of the magnitude of the blessing I was given.

It is normal for me to miss aspects of that former life, but it is not crippling me or anything like that, and I didn't want to leave that impression.

I have my moments of just feeling really kind of needy and lonely, that I won't deny (and those moments might end up being inspiration for blog posts!  LOL) but I have a history with God bringing me through lonely times.  It is part of my testimony.  His Word has proven true to this heart of mine and I trust Him to give me all I need. 

God is so good to me it bloggles the mind!

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