Sunday, May 18, 2008

Proud Mom and Son

Katie kept her composure during the commencement ceremony until the one unexpected moment when the principal of JCS asked the three young men who have committed to the armed services stand.

Justin is in the Navy now and when he and the other two young servicemen in his graduating class stood, they received a standing ovation from all those in attendance at the ceremony. The place roared with applause and it was a very moving tribute to these young men who will soon be trained to serve our country. It was really a neat experience that had Katie swelling with pride, and deservedly so.

I had to pass the box of Puffs to her because it was then that she lost it.

Congratulations Justin and thank you for commiting to protect our country. We are all so proud of you!

To see more pictures of some of the day's events, click HERE.

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