Sunday, May 25, 2008

I Must Be Tired

I went in to work very early this morning, but my manager let me leave early today. YAY!

I came home and was motivated to start my decluttering project and tackle the laundry room, which doubles as a storage room, and triples as an extra guest room. It's complicated. Regardless, it's a mess and I get stressed out just knowing that room is attached to the house.

So I started in on it.

After working on it for a couple of hours, moving a rocking chair and filling one entire large trash can, I took a "short" break. Thing is I just found myself awakening from a nap.

I was seated in my chair and my head was on my desk in front of this computer which was blaring music...the "motivational" kind, you know, to clean by. I normally don't do naps, but this one was not intentional!

Hmmmm...I must be tired. After the last load I'm going to bed!

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