Sunday, March 04, 2007

How to Walk in the Light

Light and DarknessUse the power of the Cross.

Chuck delivered a very convicting message at Northbrook today. Wow. We are in the middle of a series called "SAVED! Knowing it. Living it." We studied Ephesians 5:3-14 today which discusses walking in the Light. There is no darkness in the light, this is why sin is usually hidden away in shadows and in dark alleys. However, living in the Light gives a freedom to live life to it's fullest and live without the bondage of sin. The Light comes from God alone, and Light exposes sin, it convicts. Sin brings darkness and a heavy burden.

Being the doodler I am, I doodled on my page of notes that I took during the message. (and I took a LOT!) I scanned my notes and grabbed my illustration of living in the Light...standing firm on the Rock, fully exposed, fully alive and then living in the shadows, under a rock, in the shadows, carrying a heavy burden that makes one's knees buckle.

One of the most important parts of Chuck's message came after illustrating a point through a quote from the John Piper sermon "Passion for Purity", Chuck said "Whatever your struggle with sin today, use the power of the cross."

"If you are counting on yourself to break the pattern of sin, you will fail."

To set the stage, imagine that you see someone of the opposite sex wearing very revealing attire and your mind immediately begins to fantasize....NO! You have 5 seconds to "demand it of your mind" to look to the Cross.

PLEASE Listen to the powerful, 2-1/2 minute clip

I also highly encourage you to listen to the entire message "To Walk Distinctly in the Light" in which Chuck talks about two sins that should be unheard of in the church: Sexual Immorality (and talking about it), and greed. I believe this message to be one of the most powerful and convicting messages ever delivered from the pulpit at Northbrook.

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