Sunday, October 08, 2006

Ahhhhhhhh...It Was a Good Day

Sunset at Pickwick
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Today I performed with the Lambuth Brass Ensemble at Shiloh National Military Park. This was our second year of performing there as part of a demonstration weekend with live artillery, and other events commemorating the fierce civil war battle fought on that land. We play civil war era music and some other military type music and the audience seems to enjoy it.

I enjoy the road trip to Shiloh and most of all I enjoy spending the day with my best friend Katie. Shiloh is very near where Katie and I use to spend our "God days" at "The River" which is the Tennessee River at Pickwick Dam. We would spend every single Wednesday there doing Bible study and just hanging out enjoying creation when she lived in Selmer, TN. It was an enjoyable time so when I have this gig at Shiloh, we make an entire day of it and go back to "The Peninsula", which is the place we laid claim to back in the day, when we would have our day on the river.

There were many people out fishing and boating today and enjoying the nice weather. It was a beautiful day and the picture depicts some of what was left of the late afternoon before the sun went down for the night. (click the picture to see more images from our day)

Katie waded in the river and splashed around in the waves that were created in the wake of the boats going by. I chose to lie on the blanket with the warm sun to my back and the cool breeze keeping me comfortable. The gentle lapping of the water on shore was relaxing and so I soon found myself napping to the lapping! It was awesome!

On our way home we stopped to eat at Risner's, a restaurant near Selmer, TN that serves steak and we would eat at on occasion when I first moved to TN. We reminisced and had a good time there before heading into Selmer for dessert at The Country Kitchen. The waitress there was a familiar face, but she didn't recognize Katie. Instead, the first person Katie ran into that remembered her was when we stopped at the Walmart south of Jackson, TN on the way home! It was pretty funny that she finally saw a familiar face once we were out of Selmer and almost back to Jackson! LOL

It was a good day.

Back to the grindstone tomorrow.

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