Wednesday, February 16, 2011

God and Moses...Face to Face?

Author: Katie

Exodus 33:11

God "spoke to moses as a man speaks to his friend"

Deuteronomy 34:10

"Since then, no prophet has risen in Israel like Moses, whom the LORD knew face to face, who did all those signs and wonders the LORD sent him to do in."

I did some research in order to understand...and also in order to teach. It's important as Christians that we know how to give an answer and I'm not very good at that. So, I am working at being better. As I was reading this passage today, I pondered...

"God came in a cloud and had a conversation as if with a friend"..."but face to face?" Then in my research I came across Deuteronomy 34:10. Each passage is speaking to illustrate an intimate relationship. Exodus 33:11 is focused on God...and His speaking to if sitting down over a cup of coffee. This point is emphasized to me in Deuteronomy because there it says, the LORD "knew" Moses face to face. This makes it clear that "face to face" is to help us see the intimate relationship God and Moses had with one another.

What makes this even more clear is that further in Exodus 33:19-23, God tells Moses that he cannot see His face and live. Therefore, the Father hides Moses' face in the cleft of the rock and allows him to see only his back side. Even today with Christ as our Savior...because of the presence of sin...we cannot see the fullness of God in all his Glory and live. It would be more than our humanity could handle.

Today, God gives each person the opportunity to have a "face to face" relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. One day all believers will literally see Him "face to face". That should give believers incentive toward intense evangelism! I can't wait to see Him in ALL His glory!

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  1. Neither can I wait! <3 love you O.M.!