Monday, July 12, 2010

Thinking About My Youth

Author:  Susan L. Prince 

I was sitting in front of my computer tonight and something struck me "funny".  As a kid, I was so into music, mostly the music of the day, although as I was so into band I became a lover of all types of music.  I would sit downstairs where my stereo was and play album after album and listen non-stop to music.  I had my favorite radio stations and knew every song on the radio.  I could scan stations and name each song I heard a snippet of; title, artist, album and year.  I kept that skill for many years until it began to die off when my interest in pop music began to wane in the late eighties. 

The table downstairs was the old kitchen table.  I placed my turntable in the center against the wall, and speakers to either side.  The table was then decorated creatively with my beer can collection.  I would display my collection on that table and all over the speakers, stacking them into shining towers of my most prized beer cans, the rare imported ones.  I had some good ones, too!  Often, those cans would come crashing down because the vibration from the music would rattle them out of place.  A few times I think I awakened my parents in the middle of the night when those cans all came tumbling down.  Oops.  My bad!  LOL

I would doodle a lot when I sat there at the table listening to music.  I would write poems, draw pictures, jot down the name of my crush just to see what it looked like next to mine, compose letters, and just fill up a page with doodles.  That's all they were, doodles.

What struck me tonight was that I do the same thing today.  Wow.  It's thirty years later and I sit in front of my computer, which doubles as my stereo.  Two speakers stare at me and I sit and instead of doodling, I surf the web.  I do the same kind of thing.  I don't write poetry, but I could; "Roses are red, violets are blue, you think this will rhyme, but it won't."  I don't draw pictures and doodle much anymore, instead I post to my blog or update my Twitter feed or Facebook status. 

I had such an awesome kidhood.  :)

It just kind of struck me funny tonight that I'm doing exactly the same thing today that I did in the late 70s and early 80s. It bloggles the mind!

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