Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cocoon Building

There we were, Ellen and I, minding our own business and enjoying the beautiful day from the swing in the backyard when she pointed out a stick hanging there in the air just a few feet from us.

Suspended from a thin line of string was this little "stick". We sat there theorizing why this stick was hanging on this thread that was leading up to the tree tops in my backyard. I thought "is it conditioning?" imagining a spider dangling a stick as added weight to build endurance in his web building.

Ellen said "it could be construction" as if there was some type of plan coming to fruition from the wondrous architects of the arachnid world.

I played on that a bit and started to help whomever was at the top and holding the other end of the thread and said "go right, right...ok, there, now drop" and on cue, that stick suddenly dropped down another few inches.

It startled us both! LOL

Then, upon further inspection as we watched that stick suspended in the air, it suddenly began to MOVE!

It was alive!

Ellen said "it's a caterpillar and it must be spinning its cocoon!"

This is a video of that caterpillar's trek back up that string spinning a cocoon.

Sound effects provided by none other than Ellen! Girl, you crack me up! LOL

Another interesting and surprising thing that happened is that earlier a butterfly came by and was showing off how beautiful he was.

Creation is wondrous!

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