Monday, November 05, 2007

Ain't That Cool?

I received an interesting request from someone who saw one of my pictures on, and thought I'd post the email exchange because it is pretty cool! (It has been edited for clarity)

Greetings -

I am a graphic designer with Brightwater Design, Inc, in California. We are creating a photo montage wall display depicting important sites around my client's Cleveland office. When completed, this display will be mounted within their office.

While looking for images on the web, I found one of your photos:

'Jacob's Field 5' on the flickr page:

I would like to include it in our montage. Would you be willing to sell the use of it for this display? If so, how much would it cost? You will retain all copyrights to the photo.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Brightwater Design, Inc.

Here is my reply to that:

I'm humbled you like the picture I took and would like to use it for the montage.

You may use the picture and instead of me accepting payment for it, I would like to ask if instead, you could donate $100 to University Hospitals of Cleveland in the memory of my aunt Patricia S. Buergin.

She retired from the hospital after having worked as a nurse there from the 1960's until 2001. She died three days after her retirement, due to cancer, and because she gave so much to me and all those she loved, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to do something meaningful in her name. She loved nursing and devoted much of her life to her patients and staff at University Hospitals of Cleveland. I also know she enjoyed catching a few games at the ball park each season!

University Hospitals of Cleveland has also treated my mom for breast cancer twice, and helped her beat it twice!

I consider Cleveland "home" and I am humbled to think a little picture I took one day while visiting home has drawn any attention at all, so I'd like to "pay it forward" if you will.

Please consider this deal and let me know if it is acceptable.

Here is a link in order to make a donation:


Susan L. Prince

...and here's what I got back on that $100 request:

Good Morning, Susan.......

Your request is irresistable........ especially since I am a breast cancer survivor myself, since 1983. The donation will be made today. It is good to "pay it forward."

................. Lois Brightwater


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