Sunday, July 08, 2007

Spontaneous Drive-In Movie Night

After dinner conversation turned to drive-in movies and the waitress, overhearing our conversation, mentioned that a new Drive-In opened in Camden, TN.

We decided right then and there to go! Spontaneity! You gotta love it!

We came home, Googled the Birdsong Drive-In Theater in Camden, TN, printed a map and directions and we were off! The picture is what we looked like (obviously straining to get all three of us in the pic) when we pulled out of the driveway!

An hour and a half later we arrived at the theater and enjoyed popcorn and a movie from the comfort of my jeep! Drive-Ins...what makes them so fun?

They are less expensive for sure, partly because you get a double-feature! (Of course, for the gas we spent on the 90 minute drive one way we didn't really save anything! That, and we didn't stay for the second movie or we wouldn't have arrived home until after 2am...waaaaay too late for us!) Also, the comfort of the car is nice, although I'm not sure the person in the back seat would say the same. Being able to adjust the volume by way of the radio dial is nice too! Concessions were also reasonably priced.

Things I forgot in the nostalgia of remembering drive-in movies would be the fact that people are constantly walking around, and sometimes in front of your car. Lights are an issue, and we were getting a double feature with a remnant fireworks display being shot off in the neighborhood. We were parked in the rear of the lot and therefore pretty far from the screen, so The Transformers looked pretty small to us! Toward the end of the movie, the windsheild started fogging up and blurred the picture! Ugh! It was one of those hot and muggy summer nights when its hard to find the right balance of defrost and air to keep the windshield clear.

All and all it was a blast! We laughed and had a great time as a framily!

Woohooo! Yay for spontaneous drive-in movie night!
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